How long will it take for my DJ Drops to be finished?

We usually produce the DJ Drops within 48 hours of receiving the money. This does not apply to weekends or holidays. On vacation you will find a corresponding note on our homepage and in the shop.

How are my DJ drops sent?

We will send you the DJ Drops that you have produced as fully tagged 320 mp3s to the email address you specified when you placed your order.

What happens if my DJ name is incorrectly emphasized or pronounced in the DJ Drops?

We always ask if we are not 100% sure about the pronunciation of the DJ name. Should we nevertheless make a mistake, we will of course correct the drops accordingly at no extra cost.

What does "with delay effect" mean?

“With EFX” means that we produce your DJ drops in addition to the “dry” variant with a delay effect.

And why do you produce the DJ Drops "dry"?

In addition to the “with delay effect” variant, we also produce the drops “dry”, ie completely without effects. So you can add your own effects (e.g. in Serato) at any time and have all the creative freedom to edit your drops as you wish.

Are longer radio jingle productions possible?


What exactly do I have to do to order my DJ intro?

You enter your DJ name in the text field, choose your intro from the listening examples (you can also select several intros), put your selection in the shopping cart, check your selection again in the shopping cart, and then proceed to the checkout. There you fill out all the necessary fields and complete the order.

How quickly can I get my DJ intro?

We guarantee 48-hour delivery (working days) after receiving your order. Weekends and public holidays are excluded.

Is my DJ intro exclusively usable for me?

Your DJ intro is personalized with your DJ name, so it is exclusive to your name. Since the DJ intros are already produced, they are non-exclusive, i.e. other DJs can also order the identical intro and personalize it with their name.

Is the music in my DJ intro licensed and copyright-free?

Yes. The music in your intro is copyright-free and comes with a lifetime license. So you can safely use the intro forever.

Can I have changes made to the text or music?

In the DJ intro we change your DJ name so that the intro is personalized. Other changes are not possible in the shop variant. If you would like an intro specially produced for you, please contact us by email: .

PODCAST Intro & Outro

How exactly is the process after I have ordered?

You will receive an email from us with your questions about the text of your intros & outros, the voice of the speaker and the music you want, as well as the name of your podcast. In this email, please provide all the information you need about your intro & outro and send the answers back to . We will produce your intro & outro guaranteed after receiving your reply email within 48 hours (working days) and then send it to you as 320 mp3s by email.

Does my podcast intro & outro include a time-limited license?

No! Your intro & outro is yours forever after your purchase. We call this a lifetime license.

How long does it take to produce the Intros & Outros?

We guarantee the finished production of your intro within 48 hours (working days) after completion of the complete order.

What languages can my intro & outro be spoken in?

We offer German and English as languages ​​for your intro & outro.

How and where do I choose my music title for the intro & outro?

You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, in which you will be directed to Artlist, one of the world’s leading providers of GEMA and license-free music. There you can choose your desired title for your intro & outro from thousands of titles. You send us the link to your desired title together with your intro & outro desired text and the name of your podcast by email to . The license for your music title is already included in the purchase price. There are no further costs for you.

Can I choose the music from different genres?

Yes. You can choose your desired title for your intro & outro from all conceivable music styles, styles and moods.

What does “copyright- and license-free music” mean?

This means that the music for your intro is completely free of any copyright or publisher claims regarding remuneration or payments. With your chosen music for your intro & outro you are guaranteed to be on the safe side.

Can I use my favorite tracks (e.g. a current radio hit) as music for my intro & outro?

No. After completing your order, you select your music title using the link that we will send you by email. There you have a huge selection of titles in absolute top quality.


What intro text can I provide?

You can freely choose the intro text. In any case, the name of your podcast, a greeting and the subject of your podcast should be mentioned. For example: “Welcome to the …… podcast on the subject… …



What outro text can I specify?

You can also freely choose your Outro text. In any case, it should include a farewell, a reference to your website and / or social media pages and a “see you next time”. For example: “That was the … Podcast. Visit us on www …… and on our Facebook and Instagram page. Thank you for listening and see you next time. ”




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DANIEL Schiller

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Audio Flyer = 100% Qualität !“